I have plumbing coming from the bottom of my cabinet. Can I still use your product?

Yes. In instances where the water supply plumbing and/or drain plumbing comes from the bottom of the cabinet, the installation is no longer a do-it-yourself job. We recommend either a licensed handyman or plumber unless you have such experience yourself. The installation is still quite simple. The plumbing that is coming in from the bottom of the cabinet needs to be ”cut” and holes made in the mat of the appropriate size and location so the plumbing may pass through the mat. Then any space (should be as limited as possible) between the mat and the plumbing would need silicon around the gap of a level slightly higher than that part of the mat near the plumbing coming up through it. Chrome discussion plates are then used for cosmetic purposes to cover the visual of the plumbing coming through the mat, the same chrome discussion plates that are used to cover the visual of plumbing coming through the wall. The plumbing is then reconnected when the mat is in place. It is a little more work than just placing the mat on the cabinet bottom when the plumbing is coming from the wall, but many customers find the small effort well worth it.

Do you have a link to an independent product review?

Yes. Please click the link below.


I don’t have Paypal, can I still buy your products?

Yes. When you go to pay for your order,  you select on the paypal site that you don’t have a paypal account and will be paying with a credit card.

How will you ship the products?

We ship via UPS Ground within 3 business days of receiving your order and you will be provided a tracking number.

What is your return/refund policy?

We will gladly accept returns within 30 days of you receiving our products. Products must be in original, unused condition. Original shipping charges to get the products to you are not refunded and return shipping is the customers responsibility. If you measure before you buy, we doubt you will have reason to return our products.

What is your warranty period?

We warranty our products to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase.  It is most likely however that our products will serve your needs for many, many years!

What happens if a water pipe bursts under my kitchen sink?

Most likely your kitchen will sustain significant water damage. Our products are not intended nor able too protect your kitchen cabinets from a catastrophic plumbing failure.

What material is Cabi-Shield® Protective Cabinet Mat made of?

We use a waterproof, mold-resistant, low-odor rubber blend to make our Cabi-Shield.

What size is Cabi-Shield® Protective Cabinet Mat?

34 inchs wide x 22 inches deep x 1 inch high.

Is Cabi-Shield® Protective Cabinet Mat available in different sizes?

Currently No.

How much weight can the level ridges support?

The ridges are very strong and can support the weight of all your supplies including the weight of an R/O water filter or a water chiller that is sometimes found under kitchen sinks.

Do you have patents on your products?

Yes. Cabi-Shield® has U.S. Patents 8,372,506 & D619405

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