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Plumbing leaks under kitchen sink cabinets happen all too often and typically go undetected until significant water damage and mold growth has occurred. This is because most plumbing leaks are slow in nature and the water that leaks is absorbed by the porous base of the cabinet. It doesn’t take much time for the absorbed water to warp the cabinet and contribute to mold growth.

Beyond Compare Innovations, LLC is proud to bring you Mr. Cabi-Shield™ and Mrs. Know-Leaks™ as your best solution in under-the-sink cabinet protection. These amazing products will be available for your home in the Fall of 2009.

U.S. Patent Pending Mr. Cabi-Shield protects cabinet bases from water damage and mold growth that occurs from small and slow under-the-sink plumbing leaks by shielding the cabinet bottom with a waterproof mat and diverting leaking water to the front, where water accumulates in a holding area. When placed in Mr. Cabi-Shield’s holding area, Mrs. Know-Leaks™ (sold separately) detects the presence of water and alerts the homeowner, much like a smoke alarm detects and alerts the home owner of the presence of smoke.

Once the presence of water has been detected, the water that has accumulated in the holding area can easily be absorbed with a towel and the leak repaired. All of this can happen without the hassle and expense of a damaged and moldy kitchen cabinet. Cabinets that have already been damaged from leaks can be protected from additional damage from future leaks with Mr. Cabi-Shield™ and Mrs. Know-Leaks™ as well.

Mr. Cabi-Shield also takes into account the homeowner’s practical needs in using the sink base cabinet for storage. Placement of stored items requires a level surface. With this in mind, Mr. Cabi-Shield™ has been designed with top ridges that mirror the levelness of the cabinet base that it protects.

Mr. Cabi-Shield™ will currently only properly fit 36 inch kitchen sink cabinets with internal dimensions of 34 inches wide by 22 inches deep. This size represents the vast majority of kitchen sink cabinets in the United States. Mr. Cabi-Shield™ and Mrs. Know-Leaks™  may be used in bathroom cabinets that have the same dimensions. Order your Mr. Cabi-Shield™ and Mrs. Know-Leaks™  today and say goodbye to damaged, moldy cabinets forever! CABI-SHIELD U.S. PATENT NO. D619405 OTHER U.S. AND FOREIGN PATENTS PENDING

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